What is Psychoanalysis?
 It is a treatment for problems that happen in life. One of the goals of this treatment is to help patients know themselves well so they can make conscious decisions about how to live their lives
 to the fullest.

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Lynne Jacobs, Ph.D.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Hopes, Fears, Shame and Dignity in the Therapeutic Relationship

Many of our patients know indignity all too well. They enter our office suffused with shame, sometimes conscious sometimes not. And just the fact that they are seeking our help is another indignity. Shame in its many forms, from embarrassment to mortification to humiliation, can be considered the primary emotion of indignity, and our patients may well feel ashamed that they have not been able to solve their life problems using their own resources. Instead they must bare their souls to a stranger, someone who may or may not welcome their fears, their longings, their vulnerabilities, their failures and their shame.

Audience members will learn to be able to identify and explain the dynamic interplay between hope and fear in the clinical process, as well as learn to recognize the interplay of shame and dignity in the therapeutic relationship.

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