What is Psychoanalysis?
It is a treatment for problems that happen in life. One of the goals of this treatment is to help patients know themselves well so they can make conscious decisions about how to live their lives
to the fullest.

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Norka T. Malberg, PsyD.

March 25, 2017

How do the findings of contemporary attachment theory help those caring and supporting children’s growth and development?

Dr. Norka Malberg, Associate Clinical Professor at the Yale Child Study Center in New Haven, CT will introduce the main tenets of attachment research and theory briefly followed by everyday examples from her work with schools, pediatricians, parents and other allied professionals regarding practical applications of attachment theory, namely the concept of reflective functioning.

Who should attend: Anyone raising children, interested in children and/or working with children. Including: parents (biological, adoptive and foster), grandparents, teachers, early childhood educators and providers, pediatricians, nurses, paraprofessionals and DHS workers. (No childcare provided and no CEUs offered for this event.)

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Philip Ringstrom, Ph.D., Psy.D.

April 8, 2017

This program involves Dr. Philip Ringstrom’s presentation of his original model for doing relational psychoanalytic couples therapy. It involves a grounded framework for addressing the complex psychodynamics of couples in highly practical ways. The model is based on three broad themes: 1) the actualization of self-experience in an intimate relationship; 2) the capacity for mutual recognition and 3) the relationship having a mind of its own.

Based on his 2014 Goethe Award winning book, A Relational Psychoanalytic Approach to Couples Psychotherapy, Dr. Ringstrom will offer a clinically useful roadmap of six nonlinear steps to which wed theory and practice. It begins with the therapist’s close attunement to the hopes and fears that each partner brings to the relationship, pointing out the couple’s “vicious circle” interactions when each partner’s developmental longings trigger painful or unmanageable states in the other partner. The problems of blame, failure of mutual recognition, and difficulties in self-actualization are clearly laid out. On the heels of close attunement to the couples conscious longings and grievances, Ringstrom shifts to how the emergence and exploration of enactments illuminates couples unconscious core repetitions, with the goal moving these core, seemingly immutable conflicts from etched in stone to being something that the therapy can begin to play with more improvisationally.

The overall presentation promises to be both engaging and stimulating as Dr. Ringstrom will combine didactic material to outline his model of couples therapy with extensive audience interaction to demonstrate how the couple’s core struggle demonstrates what it is that each is hoping, albeit unconsciously until it becomes apparent, that which they hope to work through. That is, how two human beings strive to awaken one another from the repetition of their dreaded past to the hope for fulfillment of deep longings. The goal of the day will be to make complex concepts clear in practical ways, usable on Monday morning!

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Jim Sturgis

May 13, 2017

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