Study Groups

OSPS occasionally offers the opportunity to learn about a specific subject in depth.  Sometimes these groups precede a speaker that will offer a seminar for OSPS.  Sometimes the subject is of interest to an OSPS member willing to teach.  And, sometimes a request to cover a topic is made and OSPS agrees to find faculty.  Typically, study groups are low cost, meet weekly for 6-12 weeks for 60-90 minutes, and meet at a location convenient to the faculty member.  Most of the time OSPS does not offer CEUs for study groups.  If you are interested in joining or forming a study group, please contact Carol Mason-Straughan.

Please find more information on the 2016-2017 OSPS study groups by clicking here

Study Groups 2018-19

A 10-12 week study group on the "Clinical Application of Psychoanalytic Ideas" will be offered this winter (exact dates TBA) to clinicians who have not yet had a chance to take our Foundations 1 course. Facilitated by our past-president, Jeff Fine-Thomas, LMFT, this is an opportunity for clinicians to bring their own case material and study together the ways that a psychoanalytic way of working, particularly one informed by a relational perspective, may be useful to clients. Participants will have a chance to get to know others who may be considering our Foundations 1 course for 2019-2020 and to work with one of our very experienced and well-respected Foundations teachers. The course has room for 11 students with 3 spots open at present, so if you have interest please contact Carol Mason-Straughan at ASAP. (There is no charge for this group and no CEUs are offered.)